TMJ Disorder Treatment Roselle Illinois

What is TMJ?

TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder is where the mandible (lower jaw) joins the temporal bone of the skull. Each time you chew, you move it, but you also move it everytime you talk and every time you swallow. It is, therefore, one of the most frequently used joints in the body.  This multifactorial problem can be caused or be the result of a series of injuries which cause strain on the joint. 


Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

TMJ Disorder causes widespread pains that may range from mild, constant discomfort, to severe, intermittent pain. Patients from the Roselle Illinois area who come to our Schaumburg dental office regularily express they are experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Pain and limitation of mouth opening
  • Chewing difficulty
  • Soreness in muscles in the morning
  • Headaches or ear pain or neck pain
  • Clicking or popping sounds on mouth opening
  • Tingling sensation or stuffiness in the ears

Treatment of the TM Joint

Whatever the cause or severity of the TMJ Disorder, our dentists in nearby Schaumburg can help. We have been treating dental patients from Roselle Illinois for over 15 years. The most effective approach is to inititally use a soft dental splint. The aim of using the splint is to relieve pressure on the TMJs, decrease muscle tension and limit effets of clenching and grinding of teeth.