Continued Education by

Dr. Dawn Diehnelt, D.D.S.

Continued Education

Continuing education is important for Dr. D.

In early 2022, Dr. Diehnelt completed a course on the neck by the Postural Restoration Institute in Lincoln, Nebraska. Most attendees were physical therapists, but dentists were also encouraged to
attend. To better understand the neck’s working and effect on bite and jaw joint, Dr. D purchased a model showing the vertebrae, nerves, and blood vessels. Often misalignment of the skull on the neck, or of the neck vertebrae can cause problems with bite or pain in jaws and headaches. Having an integrative approach is essential!
Next, Dr. D is planning to name the neck. Let us know if you have any suggestions.


2021 Continued Education

In late 2021, continuing education included a few courses on the national opioid crisis. “The Impact of COVID 19 on the Addition Field: A Call to Dentists” talked about the marked increase in deaths and other suffering due to drug use in this country in the past two years. Deaths from overdoses rose about 30% when COVID arrived, and deaths from drug overdoseshave been about twice as many as from COVID in the 15 – 64 age range.
Earlier in 2021, Dr. D. learned about
biometrics and the latest technology in the field of dentistry. We can now evaluate the jaw joints (TMJ) using sophisticated earthquake technology, and we can use safe lasers to relieve pain in muscles of the head and neck. The laser can also help promote tooth movement for orthodontic patients.
In August she heard Dr. John Mew via zoom for a class in orthotropics. Dr. Mew, the founder of Orthotropics, had been scheduled to appear in person, but US travel restrictions did not allow him to leave London. It never hurts to review the basics. The course, CBCT: Viewing the patient as a whole, went over the interp
retation of 3D imaging of the head and neck. The radiologist mentioned that nerves impingement can occur at the base of the skull and cause pain and headaches.