What Our Patients Are Saying

“When I was first looking for a dental office that specializes in tongue posture/Mewing/Myobrace/ and breathing, I looked everywhere…and finally found Serenity Dental! It is truly an answer to prayer. I have a pretty unique orthodontic situation, with two teeth in completely switched positions. I was also unhappy with the aesthetics of my face/jaw. Since day 1, my experience with them has been amazing. They are professional, friendly, informed, encouraging, and always upbeat & positive! They always go out of their way to accommodate me and communication is great. I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone interested in improving teeth alignment, airway, and facial structure. I feel so blessed to be a patient there!”

Valerie V.

“Dr. Dawn uses a research-based, exceptionally effective approach to dentistry/orthodontia that I haven’t seen anywhere else. My spouse and I both had extensive orthodontia as children and young adults, so when I heard Dr. Dawn talk about her approach, I was intrigued enough to take my children for an evaluation. The techniques she uses has helped my children’s mouths (and bodies) grow appropriately. When things don’t go smoothly or as expected, Dr. Dawn has a seemingly limitless list of ideas and tools. I heartily recommend giving Dr. Dawn and her approach a try!”
“I’ve been going to this dentist for years and love the relationship I’ve built. Dr. D is passionate about holistic approaches to breathing, speaking, and sleeping all through taking care of the teeth. A top choice amongst dentists!”
I appreciate that Dr. Dienhelt listens to both me and my daughter. She is very good about collaborating with other health care providers, and is always open to learning something new.
“Dr. Dawn and team at Serenity Dental Studio are simply amazing. I had no idea my oral health could impact so many other sectors of my health. I truly believe that this dental practice is light years ahead of most when it comes to treating the whole patient. I highly recommend this dental office!”

– Gina

“I believe that serenity dental really makes a difference from most other orthodontics places. They helped me breathe better and live happier.”

Dr. D has been truly remarkable. I highly recommend this dental practice.”