What to Expect During Your First Appointment

Exams, Cleaning, X-Rays, & Consultation & Treatment Plan

First Visit

Thank you for choosing our office, where we have created a comfortable environment in which you can feel confident about the dental care you receive. During your first visit, our objective is to get to know you better, to become familiar with your past dental experiences and to establish a treatment plan that will best meet your dental needs.

When you arrive, please be prepared to complete all insurance and health information forms. We ask that you fill out several forms that will get you acquainted with our office. Also, please assist us by providing the following information:

  •  Any panoramic X-ray taken within the past six months
  •  If you have dental insurance, please bring your insurance card. This will enable us to give you an estimate of your costs.

Your initial appointment will last approximately one hour. In most cases, we will clean your teeth, and X-rays will be taken. Our dentist will perform a thorough exam and evaluate the diagnostic records, which help in diagnosing teeth decay, periodontal problems, jaw problems and any signs of oral cancer. After the examination, our dentist will provide a detailed summary that outlines any existing dental problems and proposed treatment. Take-home oral hygiene instructions will also be provided, along with any suggestions to help you care for your teeth.

We believe that good dental care begins with open communication, and we promise to speak candidly with you. Working together, we can achieve a true partnership with one common goal – keeping your teeth, gums and jaw joints healthy! Be sure to follow us on Facebook for our latest news and dental care tips. 

Digital X-Rays

At Serenity Dental we commonly use dental imaging techniques &  digital x-rays, as they do not expose you to as much radiation as traditional film x-rays tend to do. These imaging results helps our dentist identify any growths or abnormalities in the gums, teeth and enamel with minimal discomfort to our patients. Another benefit to using digital x-rays in the reduction of time needed to showcase the resulting images. These means shorter dntal appointments for you. 


Fluoride Treatment

We offer floride treatments as a way of helping prevent tooth decay. Our Dentist and dental hygienists generally recommend that children have a professional application of fluoride twice a year during dental check-ups.

Exams & Cleanings

Receiving regular dental cleanings and checkups is an important component of preventing and detecting disease and other oral health problems. Teeth & gum cleanings and dental checkups are the best way for our dentist to keep an eye on your oral health. A checkup at Serenity Dental Studio is very thorough; our team of dentists are able to spot everything from dental caries and gum disease to oral cancer and TMJ disorder. In almost all instances, detecting disease and oral health issues early means that patients’ treatment will be cost-effective and minimally invasive.


During your dental examination and cleaning our Dr. Diehnelt will go over your oral health, and overall health. If any concerns arise we will be able to provide you answers to any questions as well as recommend a customized treatment plan. 

Treatment Plan

In the event that you require any dental or airway treatment Dr. Diehnelt will create a customized treatment plan for your specific needs. This treatment plan will outline the treatment needs, time frames of the treatment as well as demonstraiting similar case studies to support your particular desired outcome. 

Don’t have dental insurance? Don’t let that prevent you from receiving quality dental care. Ask about your options and if QDP is right for you.