Myobrace for Kids

Myobrace for Kids

What is Myobrace? Myobrace for kids is a 3 stage appliance system designed speifically to correct poor oral habits while treating upper and lower jaw development problems. This is the most effective after a child’s permanent front teeth have come through and before all the permanent teeth have erupted.

The appliances correct poor oral habits which can cause of crooked teeth, while providing light forces to help expand the upper jaw and align the teeth into their correct and natural position.


Goals of Myobrace Treatment

  • End mouth breathing. When a child can breathe through the nose, they are ensuring the development of a healthy airway 
  • To assist the development of the upper and lower jaws, and to achieve the correct bite.
  • no lip activity when swallowing, which allows the front teeth to develop correctly
  • Improved dental alignment (straight teeth)
  • Improved facial development 

How Does Myobrace for Kids Work?

This treatment can correct myofunctional habits in growing children and has proven success in orthodontic correction without the need for braces. Myborace can also lead to better facial development in growing children. The foundation to this treatment is correcting the position and function of the tongue, obtaining correct nose breathing and retraining the oral muscles to function correctly. 


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