Will my teeth straighten out as they grow?

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Most of us don’t want to think about the necessity of braces, but the fact is that most people will require some form of orthodontics at some point in their lives. Teeth move and shift by nature, especially in younger children, and chances are good that some element of the bite would benefit from improvement.

Early Orthodontic Evaluation

Most dentists recommend that children make their first visits as soon as their first teeth appear. Monitoring how the teeth come in and what problems might be on the horizon is an important part of this stage of your child’s life. Regular visits to the dentist to evaluate the position of the baby teeth and the way the permanent teeth are situated in the jawbone can help ensure straight teeth in adulthood.

This might require early intervention to make room for teeth to come in properly. This could include widening the palate or using orthotics to guide the permanent teeth into their proper position. In most cases, if a tooth comes in crooked, it won’t straighten out as time passes, though some teeth might shift into a better position as the jawbone grows larger. If there simply isn’t enough room, though, permanent teeth could become even more out of place as more and more arrive, shifting other teeth to make room. Early evaluation makes this less likely to happen.

Orthodontic Treatment in Adolescence

Most orthodontists recommend waiting until most or all of the permanent teeth have arrived before beginning extensive treatment such as braces. Early intervention, however, helps ensure that braces will be effective, and could even reduce the amount of time braces must be worn. If you and your dentist have kept an eye on how your child’s teeth are emerging, you’ll be prepared for this next step.

If your dentist recommends a consultation with an orthodontist, this will also help you get a better idea of what might need to be done to ensure teeth are properly aligned. A careful balance of “wait and see” and taking necessary proactive measures when necessary will combine to provide the best possible results.

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