Airway Treatment

Do You or Your Children
Suffer From Any of These Health Problems

Asthma, Anxiety, Snoring/restless sleep, ADHD, or Eczema? Did you know that any of the these conditions could be caused by an airway issue? Did you know that your dentist can help?

airway treatment in children

Everyone wants a beautiful smile and good health. There is a connection. Our approach at Serenity Dental Studio is not just to straighten teeth, but to look at faces and address the causes of the underlying crooked teeth and linked health issues such as asthma, allergies, sleeping problems and ADHD. As a result, we can create both brighter smiles and healthier kids. It works for adults, too.

Our family dentistry practice is proud to offer the Myobrace System and Orthotropic Appliances to our patients.

Signs of Airway Issues in Adults & Children

  • Mouth Breathing
  • Restless Sleep, Daily Fatigue, Daytime Sleepiness
  • Snoring
  • Chronic Sore or Dry Throats
  • Forgetfulness, Difficulty Concentrating, Mood Changes, and Agitation, Difficultly Learning
  • Bedwetting
  • Breathing Pauses During Sleep
  • Tonsil or Adenoid-Related Health Problems
  • Flat Cheeks, Sunken Eyes, Weak Chin

Early Treatment Performed by Your Dental Care Provider Can Help!

At Serenity Dental Studio in Schaumburg, we recommend facial growth and orthodontic evaluation as early as three to five years old, and definitely by the age of 12. We excel at early, interceptive orthodontic treatment which not only straightens crooked teeth, but also addresses and improves the skeletal and dental problems by correcting the underlying causes: improper breathing and swallowing. By treating children in this way, when they are actively growing, we can help kids grow to their full genetic potential.

When is Early Treatment Better?

Several conditions are much easier to treat if done at an early age. Crossbite –when the upper front teeth are close inside the lower front teeth, is one of them. Another problem is severe crowding when the jaws are too small for the adult teeth. Protruding teeth, which are at risk of fracture, and an underbite caused by a relatively large lower jaw, are other examples of conditions best treated at an early age.

What Do Crowded & Crooked Teeth Have to do With Health?

Much more than most people realize.


While the approach works best in growing children, the principals and techniques are also used successfully in adults, too. Not only do we see better teeth, but also often impressive improvement of the face.  TMJ pain and headaches sometimes also resolve.

Why Myobrace is Important

myobrace-orthodontics-Schaumburg-IllinoisMyobrace is a removable trainer system that straightens teeth without the use braces. However, Myobrace, most importantly, treats the cause of crooked teeth ranging from breathing problems, tongue thrusting, and incorrect swallowing. Most common is for children to breathe through their mouth, not their nose. This affects not only how he/she swallows but also how the jaw develops.

Myobrace System and How it Works

Myobrace was designed for growing children and teens, but can be used as young as three years old, and even for adults.

The appliances help the patients position their tongue in the correct spot (the roof of the mouth), and correct any bad the swallowing habits. Myobrace teaches the child to breathe through his/her nose. By putting gentle aligning forces on crooked teeth, it also straightens those teeth, widens the jaw and train the muscles in and around the mouth to function properly. Retraining the muscles in and around the mouth to function properly leads to long term stability of the straightened teeth.

Myobrace appliances are worn one to two hours a day and while one sleeps. This is beneficial for those who desire comfortable and inconspicuous treatment.

Benefits of Myobrace

Myobrace is a unique and revolutionary treatment method that addresses the underlying causes of crooked teeth as it straightens the teeth. The design of Myobrace appliances helps to eliminate bad habits such as mouth breathing, tongue thrust and improper swallow. Its design features make Myobrace a wonderful alternative to braces for adolescents.

The Myobrace allows patients to eat and speak normally during their treatment. The materials used to make Myobrace will not cause scrapes or cuts on soft oral tissue like conventional braces with brackets and wires do.

Benefits include:

No extraction of permanent teeth
Better facial balance
Corrects habits while straightening teeth
Limited daily wear
Retention often not needed when completed
Starts as early as 3 years old
Not worn to school or work
Soft material
Easy to clean
Airway often improves
Asthma, allergies, snoring, sleeping problem, bed wetting, ADHD, Concentration can improve

“When my teeth were cluttered, so was my mind. Now I think more clearly.”
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Orthotropics® and How it Works

orthotropics chaumburg ILOrthotropics® is another type of “Facial Growth Guidance”. This philosophy was developed in the 1950’s as an alternative the shortcomings of traditional orthodontics. Orthotropics, also known as “forwardontics,” promotes positive facial growth. This approach also believes that the ideal development of the face and jaws depends on the correct postures – tongue at rest on the palate, lips sealed and teeth in or near contact. The Bioblok system is most popular, and is sometimes used with the Myobrace system.

Early growth guidance is the best way to avoid crowding and extraction of permanent teeth. Our goal is to create facial balance and to minimize problems with airway and TMJ. Again, adults can also benefit from this philosophy and treatment approach.

Benefits include:

No extraction of permanent teeth
Better facial balance
Retention often not needed when completed
Starts as early as 3 years old
Easy to clean
Airway often improves
Asthma, allergies, snoring, sleeping problem, bed wetting, ADHD, Concentration can improve

Scheduling a Consultation

If you believe that your child will benefit from Myobrace or Orthotropics, we recommend that you schedule a consultation with Dr. Diehnelt. Consultations are a great opportunity for patients to ask questions about treatment!

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