Serenity Dental Studio will hold its 6th
annual Halloween Candy Buy Back this year on Sunday, November 1, 2020, from 1 – 4 pm. Donate your candy and enjoy some popcorn at the celebration! Candy can also be turned in during office hours from Nov 1-15, 2020. Candy will be sent to US troops overseas with Packages4Patriots, along with any other items donated for
the service members.
Turn in your Halloween candy for cash! You will get $1 per pound! The first Halloween Candy Buy Back at Serenity Dental was in 2015. That year, 50.25 pounds of candy were collected and sent to the troops. It has grown every year. In 2018, 684.25 pounds were collected, and last year (2019) a whopping 1274.25 lbs. were collected and sent to the troops overseas!!! Many other items including toiletries, handmade cards, and other food
items were also donated.
How much is 684.25 pounds of candy? It fills up a Mazda Sport sedan with only enough room for a skinny driver!
The goal for this year is 10% more candy than last year: 1400 lbs. of candy
plus 100 pounds of other
items for the troops!
How do I drop off the candy?
Just bring it to the office in any bag, and we will weight it, and we will pay $1 cash. Special this year, we will be offering curbside drop off. Just call us from your car and we will pick it up there.
How much candy can I donate?
There is no upper or lower limit. The minimum payment is $0.25 because we round to the nearest 0.25 pounds.
Does candy have to be in unopened bags?
No, the bag of candy can be open, but the individual candy pieces must be wrapped.
Where do I drop off candy?
Serenity Dental Studio, 12 W. Schaumburg Rd., Schaumburg. It’s the northwest corner of Schaumburg and Roselle Roads, across the street from the Library.
Is there after hour drop off?
Yes, candy can be left at the front door if you are unable to bring during the Sunday afternoon celebration on November 1, or during office hours. Your donation will be graciously accepted when we open the office the next day.
Do I need to take the $1 per pound payment?
No. However, you can choose to donate the
payment for the postage to mail the candy.
Do you need to be a patient to turn candy in?
No, donations from anyone are welcome.
What’s the largest donation you received?
Most candy is from kids donating 2 to 5 pounds
What else can I do for the troops?
Write a card or letter, or draw a picture to send!Package4Patriots is also always in need of gum, protein bars, coffee, individual drink water flavoring mix packets, chapstick, and trail mix Check for other items, or
to donate money to pay for postage. Serenity Dental will also be collecting these donations during this year’s Halloween Candy Buy Back.
Why does Serenity Dental to this?
We want to get candy out of the mouths of kids to prevent decay, and at the same time, we want to support the troops overseas. It can be great teaching the moment for kids, and help the adults get rid of temptations in their house!
What is Packages4Patriots Mission?
Packages4Patriots seeks to lift morale and put smiles on faces by sending care packages addressed to individual Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines deployed in harm’s way. Packages4Patriots care packages contain treats, hygiene products, entertainment items, and personal letters of appreciation.
Is Packages4Patriots still shipping? Packages4Patriots is still shipping, although they have canceled their public packing events due to safety concerns until further notice.
How is all the Halloween Candy used?
Halloween Candy is sorted and in addition to being sent as treats, it is used as “packing peanuts” to fill the nooks and crannies around the other care items!
Do packages improve troop morale?
You betcha! ………. Add a pic of the letter
Has the need to support troops changed?
Yes, in a big way! There is much more need now due to limitations on the movement of the service members and the supplies available at their outposts.
When was Packages4Patriots established?
June 2010
How many packages have Package4Patriots sent
Over 7,000 totaling 97,495 pounds!
Where is Packages4Patriots?
the home of Package4Patriots. Items are collected, sorted, and boxed there.