When searching for a new dentist you are likely to find many different terms and specialties. One such term is Family Dentistry. Many patients contact us with common questions such as; Is Family Dentistry any different from a general dentist or a comprehensive dentist? You may also be wondering what to expect from a family dental practice. In many ways family dentists are very similar to general dentists, however family dentists are concerned with addressing oral health needs at every stage of life, including in children and teenagers. According to the American Dental Association there are about 201,927 professionally active dentists in the United States, but a good number of them are not specifically trained to treat children or young adults. 

.What Do Family Dentists Do

Family dentists will typically focus on general and preventative dentistry. Some of the most common services & care that family dentists provide include:

  • Regular cleanings and exams– is considered as Preventative Care Regularly scheduled 6-month exams are critical for patients of all ages because they help catch oral issues like tooth decay and gingivitis before they become more severe. These checkups are critical to ensure that your child’s teeth are developing properly.
  • Fluoride treatments and dental sealantsFluoride treatments and dental sealants are both great ways to prevent tooth decay, which is especially common in children and preteens.
  • Cavity checks and fillingsTooth decay is a common, yet completely preventable, condition. Most family dentists specialize in identifying and filling cavities, and treating patients of all ages who are suffering from tooth decay.
  • Digital X-rays – Our Dentist office in Schaumburg, Illinois uses Digital X-Rays to help diagnosis any potential dental health concerns
  • OrthodonticsNot all family dentists can offer in-house orthodontic treatment. However, they do offer orthodontic exams, and can provide referrals to outside orthodontists, if necessary. At Serenity Dental we offer a variety of Orthodontic solutions to our patients. We also offer a natural approach to teeth straightening



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