Dr. Dawn Diehnelt of Serentity Dental is excited to announce that she will be a speaker at the Schaumburg Health Summit on April 4th, 2020. During this wonderful event she will be discussing natural approaches to oral health and airway health. She will also discuss the treatments available that will straighten teeth the natural way and so much more. Learn more about this incredible event below:

What is the Schaumburg Health Summit?

The health and wellness fields are constantly evolving. There is new information coming out every week about what you should be eating, how you should be exercising, and what items to remove from your household in order to lose weight, get fit, and live longer than was previously thought possible. With so much information bombarding you on a regular basis, how are you supposed to know what to actually do to promote your health, wellness, and fitness?  

The Schaumburg Health Summit, developed and presented by Julie and Charlie Cates of Muscle Activation Schaumburg, is a one-day summit where local health and wellness professionals will be cutting through the nonsense and presenting on the facts. What new technologies are available for improving your health? What is the truth behind the latest diet crazes? What do you actually need to be doing for exercise?  

The Schaumburg Health Summit was created for the purpose of educating the residents of Schaumburg and the surrounding communities on ways to improve and maintain their health. They have assembled a rockstar speaker lineup comprised of local health, wellness, and fitness professionals who will be shedding light on important topics that apply directly to you.